Saturday, August 2, 2008

Beach Trip 2008

We just returned from a fantastic trip to Perdido Key, Florida with my family, minus my sister :( We did have a great time and certainly wished AliceClaire could have been there with us but she could not get off work. Mary Hampton had a great time at the "Swim Min Pool" but absolutely HATED the beach. It was "dirty" and she didn't want the sand on her AT ALL! I have to say I am not a big fan of the sand and definitely not the ocean so that was quite fine with me. My dad always laughs because I LOVE the beach but hate the ocean and not a big fan of sand. I just love all that goes along with being at the beach! Mary Hampton is quite the fish! At two years old she is swimming! Kicking her feet moving arms and swimming. Nothing made her happier than going to the "deep end" and standing on the end jumping in and swimming to mommy and daddy. It made me so happy to see her love the water. Miss Diane Marx swimming lessons certainly got us ready for a great trip. She cried her little eyes out today because she wanted to go "swimming pool back" her way of saying back to the swimming pool.

We enjoyed a great trip just before becoming a football widow and only child. Brandt starts football practice Monday and we are back in the swing of football season and ballgames! We are really excited! I am sure we will have lots to post from that!

Thanks so much to Nana and Genny for taking us on a fantastic vacation to the beach!!!

Having fun in Nana's hat!!

Sweet Baby Girl!! Hard to believe she is TWO!

Long nap after a hard day swimming!!

Having fun at LuLu's!!

Sweet Family!

The invention of "traveling" DVD players is the best!! It gets us through many nights at dinner! Here at Geno's!

I love to SWIM!!!

This was the look I got when I would say, Mary Hampton it is time to get out! "no no no no no no mommy!"
No I am not sleepy at ALL!
Am I a priss or what! shopping at the Warf
all sleepy with my daddy on the couch

"Night Night" she would say and lay her head back. If she could have slept at the pool she would have!

Jump to Daddy!
Glamour Girl!
Sweet Angel!

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Julie Heriard Culpepper said...

I love all of the beach pictures! She is so beautiful!