Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Better Late than Never

Well as I sit and watch the CMA's I decided it is finally time to update my blog!! I am only working during commercials though :) As football season for us in the high school world comes to a close I realize I haven't updated in AGES!! sooooo here goes!!

Brandt and I got away to Oxford with Leah and Braxton for the Ole Miss / South Carolina game and it was so great to be in Oxford!! We have not been to a game in FOREVER!! It was so much fun, even though we didn't win the game! Leah, Anna and Me
Leah and Braxton!! Thank yall so much for having us! It was so fun and great to see my HUGE MSU fan in the Grove in Oxford.
Quite an event this was!! Thanks to the Barber's for hosting our "White Trash Bash" and my what a GREAT night it was!!
Yes this is Brandt, there are a lot of people who were not sure who this crazy person was!

I love all of you ;)

Yes Brad Tacket looked like one of those guys who would stand in the very back of a very dark bar and no one would get anywhere near him! Funniest quote, "yall remember it is still sweet Brad behind that"

One Sunday afternoon while daddy was a Prep watching film Mary Hampton and I went to see Elmo again thanks to sweet Mrs Kathy Miller....She gave us her tickets! Now every Sunday when Brandt leaves I ask miss priss what we are going to do and she says, "go see Elmo" How do you get a 2 1/2 year old to understand that Elmo doesn't just live right around the corner??

My one attempt to take a picture of us...

Alice Claire and I with our two very favorite people ever Tony and Sam! There is never a dull moment when we are all together!!

More Halloween 2008.....Mary Hampton was so excited about the pumpkin. I just knew she would love to pull the "gunk" out of the pumpkin. Boy was I wrong...She used a spatula and pulled one seed at a time out....When I would reach in and pull it out she said "yuck mommy it's nasty"

This is our final product! The sweetest thing ever. When Brandt and Mary Hampton were leaving to go to school the next day she said "look daddy it's a pumpkin, mommy made it with her hands" He called to tell me this and I started crying....What a sweet innocent angel!
Here is our sweet little fairy! She had such a fun time this year halloween!! We trick or treated at St. Dominic, went to see Tony, Sam, Melissa and Alan, and had a fun party at the Cole's on Sheffield!! It was a great Halloween!!
Mr. Alan.....His and Melissa's sweet little baby girl, Sophie will be here Monday if not before!! Their house is going to be so fun!!!
Last week we went to see daddy for the Prep/JA pep rally for Prep's playoffs. I was a Mistlebrew and Tini's too for Mistletoe but Prep WON 21-7 to go to the State Championship this week to play MRA!!!

Mistletoe 2008 has come and gone and that is just WILD to me!! This picture is from the Friday night event, Mistlebrew and Tini's too....I must say it was a GREAT party! Make a note next year of this event!! It will probably have a different name but note the Friday night event. The band was GREAT, The Hillbilly Bastards is there real name but their charity name is the Hillbilly Heartbreakers and they were AWESOME! It is a more casual event and so fun!! Helen and Ginger were there having fun and I was on this special events committee so I was working and it was so fun!
Wednesday night was the Preview Party to Mistletoe and as always it was a great time!! AliceClaire went with us this year which was a real treat for big sis that is for sure!! We had so much fun!!!

After preview we went to our typical spot....Julep and had another fun night there too!!
Patrick Kelly and I at his restaurant, Julep!

I will try to do better at blogging!! After Friday Brandt should be back home as football season will be over. It is really hard to believe that high school football will be over friday!! Where has the year gone!!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally an update!!

Well no the Walker clan has not fallen off of the earth I have just been running in a million directions!! Also my battery on my camera died and I have finally gotten a new charger to be able to take some new pictures!! Football season is well under way and miss Mary Hampton is certainly having the time of her life on the track at Prep almost every Thursday or Friday night depending on where the game is!

Notice the chocolate and the popcorn can we say we get whatever we want at the football field!

Just a quick pose with daddy on the field after the Prep/JA game!

On Saturday morning after the JA game we loaded up (like the rest of the world) and headed north up I-55. Most of the southern half of the world was headed north evacuating from Hurricane Gustav and the other half of the state was headed to Oxford for the opening game for the Rebels. One would guess that we too were headed to Oxford but no we headed to Southaven, yes Southaven to see Elmo and the crew from Sesame Street Live. Yes I think I was bordering on NUTS when I ordered these tickets but at the time he was not scheduled at all to be anywhere else in Mississippi and just as only MY luck would have it the gang will be right here in Jackson, MS sometime during the month of October. But hey we have already seen him right! Well of course we paid more for tickets, gas prices were through the roof but it was so fun! Mary Hampton had a great time..did I mention we were on the 3rd we did have great seats! Everything was fine until Prairie Dawn tried to shake her hand and from then on she had her eye on each of them to make sure they didn't come too close. It was a great time and such a fun memory! The picture of Elmo and Big Bird shows you how close we were to the whole gang!! I would recommend going to see Elmo if they are in your area. It was really a great time!!

Another day on the track at Prep. Mary Hampton's favorite thing to do is to run down toward the cheerleaders and look back at me as if to say Mommy I will be ok and I will be right back. The chase begins to turn her around to get her back into the bend of the track!

I know this picture is blurry but I could not resist. Sitting on the track chewing on her finger, looking at her cell phone while holding her Elmo soccer ball (from Elmo in Southaven of course!)

The girls are always so sweet to love on the kids at the game. Mary Hampton certainly thinks she is something special!! Here are two of her cheerleaders she loves to watch!! Britt and Murray!

This weekend we had so much fun!! The Schultz family game to visit! They came for the game Friday night and then for "Grove South" as Brandt has named our deck during football season. Mary Hampton and Wyatt had so much fun playing together and then we had some other friends over on Saturday. Mary Hampton was in heaven with all of her friends to play at her house!!!!

Sarah Knox Biggs, Alex Summerford, Payne Montgomery and Louis Summerford found themselves a little home in the pool in the backyard! If I could have only been a fly on the wall to hear what in the world these precious children were talking about!!

Louis Summerford and Wyatt having a big time on the swing set! The LOVE having their picture taken can't you tell!!

Mary Hampton had decided it was time to take off the Ole Miss cheerleader uniform and add her boots and no more clothes!! This was too funny to pass up! I can not believe how big my little angel is getting!! She is growing up way too fast!!

Time for a yummy hamburger at Cherokee following the HUGE win against FLORIDA!! Hotty Toddy!!! Sorry no more pictures from the afternoon the game got too great to step away from!!

Are they not two of the most precious little children you have ever seen!!

The night ended with the Summerford, Schultz and Walker families all back at our house. We decided the best thing was to bathe all of the kiddos together. Brandt realized his little girl was the only girl in the mix of these boys!! I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends! I can't imagine what I would do without them!! These boys will all have to be big brothers to Mary Hampton!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Beach Trip 2008

We just returned from a fantastic trip to Perdido Key, Florida with my family, minus my sister :( We did have a great time and certainly wished AliceClaire could have been there with us but she could not get off work. Mary Hampton had a great time at the "Swim Min Pool" but absolutely HATED the beach. It was "dirty" and she didn't want the sand on her AT ALL! I have to say I am not a big fan of the sand and definitely not the ocean so that was quite fine with me. My dad always laughs because I LOVE the beach but hate the ocean and not a big fan of sand. I just love all that goes along with being at the beach! Mary Hampton is quite the fish! At two years old she is swimming! Kicking her feet moving arms and swimming. Nothing made her happier than going to the "deep end" and standing on the end jumping in and swimming to mommy and daddy. It made me so happy to see her love the water. Miss Diane Marx swimming lessons certainly got us ready for a great trip. She cried her little eyes out today because she wanted to go "swimming pool back" her way of saying back to the swimming pool.

We enjoyed a great trip just before becoming a football widow and only child. Brandt starts football practice Monday and we are back in the swing of football season and ballgames! We are really excited! I am sure we will have lots to post from that!

Thanks so much to Nana and Genny for taking us on a fantastic vacation to the beach!!!

Having fun in Nana's hat!!

Sweet Baby Girl!! Hard to believe she is TWO!

Long nap after a hard day swimming!!

Having fun at LuLu's!!

Sweet Family!

The invention of "traveling" DVD players is the best!! It gets us through many nights at dinner! Here at Geno's!

I love to SWIM!!!

This was the look I got when I would say, Mary Hampton it is time to get out! "no no no no no no mommy!"
No I am not sleepy at ALL!
Am I a priss or what! shopping at the Warf
all sleepy with my daddy on the couch

"Night Night" she would say and lay her head back. If she could have slept at the pool she would have!

Jump to Daddy!
Glamour Girl!
Sweet Angel!