Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Better Late than Never

Well as I sit and watch the CMA's I decided it is finally time to update my blog!! I am only working during commercials though :) As football season for us in the high school world comes to a close I realize I haven't updated in AGES!! sooooo here goes!!

Brandt and I got away to Oxford with Leah and Braxton for the Ole Miss / South Carolina game and it was so great to be in Oxford!! We have not been to a game in FOREVER!! It was so much fun, even though we didn't win the game! Leah, Anna and Me
Leah and Braxton!! Thank yall so much for having us! It was so fun and great to see my HUGE MSU fan in the Grove in Oxford.
Quite an event this was!! Thanks to the Barber's for hosting our "White Trash Bash" and my what a GREAT night it was!!
Yes this is Brandt, there are a lot of people who were not sure who this crazy person was!

I love all of you ;)

Yes Brad Tacket looked like one of those guys who would stand in the very back of a very dark bar and no one would get anywhere near him! Funniest quote, "yall remember it is still sweet Brad behind that"

One Sunday afternoon while daddy was a Prep watching film Mary Hampton and I went to see Elmo again thanks to sweet Mrs Kathy Miller....She gave us her tickets! Now every Sunday when Brandt leaves I ask miss priss what we are going to do and she says, "go see Elmo" How do you get a 2 1/2 year old to understand that Elmo doesn't just live right around the corner??

My one attempt to take a picture of us...

Alice Claire and I with our two very favorite people ever Tony and Sam! There is never a dull moment when we are all together!!

More Halloween 2008.....Mary Hampton was so excited about the pumpkin. I just knew she would love to pull the "gunk" out of the pumpkin. Boy was I wrong...She used a spatula and pulled one seed at a time out....When I would reach in and pull it out she said "yuck mommy it's nasty"

This is our final product! The sweetest thing ever. When Brandt and Mary Hampton were leaving to go to school the next day she said "look daddy it's a pumpkin, mommy made it with her hands" He called to tell me this and I started crying....What a sweet innocent angel!
Here is our sweet little fairy! She had such a fun time this year halloween!! We trick or treated at St. Dominic, went to see Tony, Sam, Melissa and Alan, and had a fun party at the Cole's on Sheffield!! It was a great Halloween!!
Mr. Alan.....His and Melissa's sweet little baby girl, Sophie will be here Monday if not before!! Their house is going to be so fun!!!
Last week we went to see daddy for the Prep/JA pep rally for Prep's playoffs. I was a Mistlebrew and Tini's too for Mistletoe but Prep WON 21-7 to go to the State Championship this week to play MRA!!!

Mistletoe 2008 has come and gone and that is just WILD to me!! This picture is from the Friday night event, Mistlebrew and Tini's too....I must say it was a GREAT party! Make a note next year of this event!! It will probably have a different name but note the Friday night event. The band was GREAT, The Hillbilly Bastards is there real name but their charity name is the Hillbilly Heartbreakers and they were AWESOME! It is a more casual event and so fun!! Helen and Ginger were there having fun and I was on this special events committee so I was working and it was so fun!
Wednesday night was the Preview Party to Mistletoe and as always it was a great time!! AliceClaire went with us this year which was a real treat for big sis that is for sure!! We had so much fun!!!

After preview we went to our typical spot....Julep and had another fun night there too!!
Patrick Kelly and I at his restaurant, Julep!

I will try to do better at blogging!! After Friday Brandt should be back home as football season will be over. It is really hard to believe that high school football will be over friday!! Where has the year gone!!!!!

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