Saturday, June 14, 2008

Around town Saturday

Today we had the first Saturday in quite a long time that we did not have something specific planned that had to be done. I am not just talking about yard work etc it has been parties here or there or traveling. You know me and know that I love doing all of this but I must say we have had a fun day! We got up this morning and just played with Mary Hampton had breakfast and watched her very favorite...Barney....quite a few times! I ran a few errands and after Mary Hampton's nap we struck out for some shopping. We went to Renaissance (the new mall in Ridgeland) and Mary Hampton danced all over the place. She had THE BEST TIME. While we were in Material Girls she made a friend, a dog, named Rudy. She thought she owned this store. As we left she told everyone "bye" and "see ya later" It was so funny!!! She then realized there was music so she danced all around.

We left there and for whatever reason went to Northpark. We were some shopping machines!! Well Brandt has wanted to take Mary Hampton to Build a Bear forever! We have managed to escape this journey thus far but no no not today! I ran in the bathroom and came out and Mary Hampton and Brandt were "shopping around" in Build a Bear. I thought ok we can get a little bear and spend oh maybe at most $20 and she will have fun....Well I was wrong about this. They (Brandt and Mary Hampton) had picked out a dog to build. Of course this little pup was the most expensive animal to build! Anyway we are now the happy parents of "Bella" (also our Maltese name) and the funniest thing happened after the dog was finished. Mary Hampton walked over to some of the clothes and picked up a shirt for "Bella" Yes she is my child, it was Bella's very own Ole Miss t-shirt. Yes she is already a little Rebel!! Hotty Toddy!! This made the money spent at Build a Bear OK

After we finished our shopping we met Poppy (my sister, AliceClaire) and had Mexican for dinner. One of Mary Hampton's favorite things in the world is Guacamole. I know CRAZY but the child loves it! She eats it just with a spoon! She ate an entire bowl of it! She would not eat chicken, a chip, nothing just plain guacamole!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day!! We are going to enjoy the day at home with Brandt tomorrow and then go see my daddy in Hazlehurst tomorrow late afternoon (after naps!!) Happy Fathers Day!!


Casey said...

So, so adorable! Bo LOVES Barney!!

The Bridges Family said...

That is hilarious! She is SO precious!! I hope you guys had a great Father's Day!

Lisa Nooe said...

Jennifer, that is so adorable of her eating that guac!! HA!! I love it! :)

Ryan McElveen said...

I can not believe the child likes guacamole! Love it!

The Crawfords said...

So funny that she likes guacamole!! Too cute!