Monday, June 23, 2008

Ashleigh and Ross Wonderful Wedding Weekend!!

Two of my very best friends got married to each other :) this weekend!! Ashleigh Price and Ross Polancich. Brandt and I were both honored to be a part of their special weekend. Before we left for Oxford Ashleigh wanted a picture of Mary Hampton, Ashleigh and me in our matching pajamas... Aren't we cute :) hahaaha

Mary Hampton stayed with Brandt's sister Kara, Brad and our nephew Walker while we were in Oxford. Thank you so much to them!!!!! We left for Oxford Thursday at noon and had the best time. The weekend started with a welcome to Oxford party hosted by the "Gulfport Crew" as Ashleigh's mom, Candy is from the coast and has a ton or fantastic friends that live there! From there we went out on the town to the Library where we all had quite a large time dancing and laughing and just visiting together. Brandt and Ross had a few problems with the buttons on their shirts :) hahahahhaaaaaa

It was a little windy!!!

My college roommate was Allison Pemberton Sala. I have not seen Allison since Brandt and I got married. We have talked and kept in touch but I haven't seen her or seen precious Laney since our wedding when she was 8 weeks old!! She is absolutely the most precious perfect angel child!! She was the flower girl and her precious 5 year old brother, Tucker, was the ring bearer. It was so great to spend the weekend with Allison and Alan!

Here are a few pictures of the gorgeous bride!! She was so beautiful and Ross so handsome. Someone made a comment to me at the wedding They are going to have beautiful children!! So so true!! One pic is of the couple in the car leaving the reception. Brandt and I drove them away to the Bed and Breakfast and took their things in so we have the carry me over the threshold picture! They were this happy and smiling all weekend. It was so much fun to be with all of our best friends and have so many fun people there that love them so much!!


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meurrier said...

Jennifer...I found your blog through the grapevine! Mary Hampton is SO cute, and it was so good to get caught up on y'all. Michael and I are in Oxford, and we really like it. We have a little girl, Myla, that will be one next week! She is such a blessing! Again, so good to hear from you, and I am going to add you to my friends on my blog so we can keep up with y'all!!